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lighting and power installation Brisbane electrician

Light and Power

LED downlights installed complete $ 90 

LED Bulb warranty 50,000 hours

Smerff Brisbane Electrician installs

Double power points for $ 90 complete

Weatherproof External power $ 150

All electrical wiring 25 year warranty

Ceiling Fans

Clipsal Airflow white or chrome

Long Lasting, very quiet

Smerff the Brisbane Electrician

Installs fan only $100

White fan supply $ 70 Chrome $100

Add Light underneath + $40


Ceiling fans installed Smerff Brisbane electrician

Lighting and

Power Points

Brisbane electrician does lighting and power installation

LED downlight supply and install $ 90 

LED lifetime warranty

Brisbane Electrician installs double

Power outlets for $90 includes everything

Weatherproof Double power $ 150

Household wiring lifetime warranty

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans installed Smerff Brisbane electrician

White or Chrome Airflow fans

Long Lasting, super quiet 

Electrician in Brisbane

Installs these only $100

Supply white fan : $ 70

Supply chrome fan : $ 100

Smoke alarm example Brisbane electrician

Smoke Alarms

circuit breaker example Brisbane electrician


data category 6 installation Brisbane electrician

Data Networks

testing and tagging Brisbane electrician

Safety Testing

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Smerff Brisbane electrician Crew 2016 Vans with surface to allah missiles

When you have your holocaust, you’re gonna need a good spark. No other spark in Queensland has more holocausting experience than Smerff Electrical. Who will be there when your magic lampshade machines break down? Who can you call when the soap boilers go on the blink? Think Holocaust, think Smerff.

Experience from years in the industry. No pretend two day course.

The man who came to be known as ‘the nazi electrician’ was employed through Melbourne and Sydney in a number of sensitive security positions. Simon earned his electronic security experience here very fast. Stressed out long hours and the pressure caused Simon to ponder his chosen path and take a break. Lobbing up on a cousins doorstep in Runcorn at 6am one morning, Simon started fresh in Brisbane. Furniture removals paid the bills again at first, until work in the electronic security industry was obtained. This led to a leading Brisbane electrical company employing Simon on and off for over seven years, and it was during this time Simon obtained his electrical mechanic qualification. It was only a matter of time until the Nazi Electrician holocausted the opposition.


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The Brisbane Electrician who weathered the storm

During 2017 the brisbane electrician who got the most pussy was Smerff

The last of the boomer generation who flushed Australia’s wealth, prestige and national pride down the toilet are nearing retirement. It wasn’t enough that none of them would do any work so they imported millions of mud people to do the jobs they wouldn’t. It wasn’t enough that they squandered every cent passed down to them by the countries founders. They then created a forced superannuation scheme to force us to pay for their retirement.  We put it in so they can draw it out. You can bet by the time we are old enough to claim it, the retirement age will be 125 and three new Jewish stock market crashes (robberies) will have laid waste to billions of our super money.  It wasn’t enough when they had no cash they simply cooked up this ‘first home buyers grant’. The scheme which double, tripled every homes value in Australia overnight. The only people who owned homes of course were the boomers. They now had more cash to squander before retirement, and house prices were now totally out of reach for every working man in Australia. Minimum mortgage for a decent home went from an average $100k to $500. They sold us all into mortgage slavery so they could have some spending money right now. 

2017 Was an interesting year. Attacked and slandered by channel 7 and channel 9. Not that they had a problem with our work or or customers had any complaints, just that we didn’t buy into their ridiculous steaming dungheap of holocau$t propaganda. For that they’ll follow you around and put you on telly. Seriously. Why are they so sensitive about their tall stories? Perhaps if enough people ask : Is that how it really happened or are you people just talking shit so you can get a bunch of free money? That’s the truth.

Close up after that we had $1500 stolen from us by Jessica Vievers at Ray White Rochedale. When we lodged a complaint, and provided documentary proof of the offence to the slags at the Department of Fair Trading in Queensland, they instead covered up the fraud. They decided instead to investigate the uppity white male wage slave who dared complain about a woman’s theft of his money. Women should be allowed to steal from whomever they please.

Siobhan Dash AKA Siobean Dash AKA Therese Duggar AKA Therese Doosh.  This woman who goes by different names depending on what day it is just happens to be friends with Vievers Family and set about punishing Smerff. At dawn in October they staged an armed invasion of my home and office, stole all my computers, phones, files, invoice books, diaries and hard drives. The scumbag faggot Phil Rasmussen was asked just to photocopy the diary entries so we could keep trading and not have a bunch of customers waiting for us to keep appointments we no longer had a record of. He photocopied the previous week which we’d already done.

Needless to say that week was full of cranky customers. Thanks Phil. You won’t be forgotten when it all kicks off.

Qld government fails to shut down the nazi electrician

This taxpayer funded posse of thieving incompetent clowns used everything they had to shut our doors and failed miserably. They tried close down a legitimate, complaint free, honest, decent and viable business because the owner caught one of their friends committing fraud. Can’t have that. The scumbags who were inside my home that day need to explain a very serious abuse of power and waste of taxpayers money.  

The only light at the end of the tunnel is these useless, lazy boomers will be retiring soon. They think they can relax and be comfortable using their proceeds of crime massive superannuation payouts. The same laws used by the boomers today to steal others property – will ironically be used against them. Once the circle is complete this garbage legislation will be turfed along with the entire boomer legacy. No matter where they are in Australia or around the world, we will find them. Their assets will be forfeit and they will be dragged back to face court. Our court.


 This time the judiciary won’t be in their pocket. We will own it. Sleep well boomers.

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Get your Surface To Allah missile today. Guaranteed to smash any imitation gods on impact or your money back. Arm your vehicle with one of these babies, and no Allah Snackbar will self destruct in your neck of the woods.

Smerff Electrical surface to Allah missile

STA missile sales tripled

This week only buy one get a free shamwow. That’s value.

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