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“Corrupt conduct” means conduct of a person, regardless of whether the person holds or held an appointment, that—

(a) adversely affects, or could adversely affect, directly or indirectly, the performance of functions or the exercise of powers of—

(i) a unit of public administration; or

(ii) a person holding an appointment; and

(b) results, or could result, directly or indirectly, in the performance of functions or the exercise of powers mentioned in paragraph (a) in a way that—

(i) is not honest or is not impartial; or

(ii) involves a breach of the trust placed in a person holding an appointment, either knowingly or recklessly; or

(iii) involves a misuse of information or material acquired in or in connection with the performance of functions or the exercise of powers of a person holding an appointment; and

(c) is engaged in for the purpose of providing a benefit to the person or another person or causing a detriment to another person; and

(d) would, if proved, be—

(i) a criminal offence; or

(ii) a disciplinary breach providing reasonable grounds for terminating the person’s services, if the person is or were the holder of an appointment.

(2) Without limiting subsection (1) conduct that involves any of the following could be corrupt conduct under subsection (1) 

(a) abuse of public office;

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lighting and power installation Brisbane electrician

Light and Power

LED downlights installed complete $ 90 

LED Bulb warranty 50,000 hours

Smerff Brisbane Electrician installs

Double power points for $ 90 complete

Weatherproof External power $ 150

All electrical wiring 25 year warranty

Ceiling Fans

Clipsal Airflow white or chrome

Long Lasting, very quiet

Smerff the Brisbane Electrician

Installs fan only $100

White fan supply $ 70 Chrome $100

Add Light underneath + $40


Ceiling fans installed Smerff Brisbane electrician

Lighting and

Power Points

Brisbane electrician does lighting and power installation

LED downlight supply and install $ 90 

LED lifetime warranty

Brisbane Electrician installs double

Power outlets for $90 includes everything

Weatherproof Double power $ 150

Household wiring lifetime warranty

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans installed Smerff Brisbane electrician

White or Chrome Airflow fans

Long Lasting, super quiet 

Electrician in Brisbane

Installs these only $100

Supply white fan : $ 70

Supply chrome fan : $ 100

Smoke alarm example Brisbane electrician

Smoke Alarms

circuit breaker example Brisbane electrician


data category 6 installation Brisbane electrician

Data Networks

testing and tagging Brisbane electrician

Safety Testing

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Smerff the




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Brisbane Electrician on call

the Smerff Electrical Story

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Smerff Brisbane electrician Crew 2016 Vans with surface to allah missiles

Every holocaust needs a good spark. Who will be there when your imaginary lampshade machines break down? Who will you call when the magic soap vats float away? There’s only one Smerff to call. Holocauster extroadinaire Smerff Electrical. 

The Spark known as the Nazi Electrician didn’t always have such a cool username. It was only after working his way up from carting furniture (….oi Jim you old scottish c*%t here’s what you can do with your ten bucks an hour sunday rates). From making the big bucks on Sundays shifting couches to putting up temporary fences around town. Climbing through roofs with friendly spiders and snakes. Delivering water bottles all round town. Simon has had all the glamorous jobs usually reserved for Mexicans.

It was during the early days of Daily Stormer that our Nazi Spark earned the title ‘holocauster extroadinaire’. Jew Jorge Branco was brought in to discredit and smear us for sponsoring the Stormer. After running a national hatchet smear piece about my company, and his bretheren at the daily mail calling 40+ times in one day,  Smerff counter-punched with the facts about the Jewish Media. These cockroaches were actively covering up the mass rape and murder of our girls all over Europe.

Jew Jorge Branco was shocked that anybody could return serve and sooked that a big bad electrician was calling him names on the internet. He contacted a Jew lawyer and demanded I remove my article about all the raped and murdered girls in the UK he’s failed to report on. A perfect example of chutzpah if ever there was… Jewish media runs a city wide slander piece on small local electrician, then when Mr Sparki posts the facts on his shitty home made website the media threatens legal action against him!

Oy Vey. The goyim know. Shut it down.

One must ask only a simple question to finding the truth in any contested matter. Which side will allow open debate, investigation and dialogue to determine the truth? Which side smears, attacks and imprisons its opponents, all the while refusing to provide any evidence whatsoever of six million dead people.  It is these Jewish liars who holocausted the German people 80 years ago, by using their media power in our nations to instigate a totally unnecessary war. It is the Jews who holler VICTIM the loudest to this day in an attempt to conceal their monumental mass murder of German people. Our brothers.

The truth needs no law to defend it. Why is it illegal to investigate holocaust claims?

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Electrical services offered in Brisbane
Which specialist 
electrical  service  
can we offer you
 Brisbane electrician service icon to link customer to Air Con install

Air Con

 Brisbane electrician Automation Building services link picture


 Brisbane electrician Security installation service link picture linking to our CCTV page


 Brisbane electrician electrical services page


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Get your Surface To Allah missile today. Guaranteed to smash any imitation gods on impact or your money back. Arm your vehicle with one of these babies, and no Allah Snackbar will self destruct in your neck of the woods.

Smerff Electrical surface to Allah missile

STA missile sales tripled

This week only buy one get a free shamwow. That’s value.

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Handy Brisbane Electrical Information Links

Brisbane Electrical

Information Links

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Energex Information

 Brisbane electrician license check 1

Electrical License Check

Brisbane electrician job before this

Today’s Free Recipe

 Brisbane electrician insurance checker

Insurance Verification

Smerff Electrician in Brisbane . ABN 40 558 381 173 Electrical Contractor License 74983 Po Box 1139 Slacks Creek 4127

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